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T Car Register
Where have all the T Cars gone?

They may look like a 1953 MG TF but T Cars are in fact replicas; the first in 1983 based on a Triumph Herald, then 1991 the Mark 5 had a custom chassis, and finally the TG in 2003 using Mazda MX5 mechanicals. There is also a Jaguar Swallow kit based on the 1936 SS100.

All T Cars started life as a kit from Alternative Cars; alas they recently ceased making kits and ownership records have drifted as cars have changed hand. So, where have all T Cars gone?

If you currently own a T Car, or if you have once owned a T Car and know who you sold it to, or know someone who owns a T Car, the T Car Club would really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. This is not a membership drive but an attempt to find out where all the T Cars are.

Please share your information about a T Car by sending an email to