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Stephen Williams, President
Member Name(s):
Stephen and Jeanette Williams
Member Since:
Member Comment:
Hello, We were born in Auckland and have lived overseas and travelled widely managing to raise two children along the way. Today, we live in our family home in the Waikato, in a place called Tamahere. We have over a hectare of formal gardens which we maintain and open to the public by appointment Before becoming a gardener; I led a number of information technology businesses in New Zealand, UK, Western and Eastern Europe, and the USA. With all that behind us, we are now really enjoying the Waikato and its beautiful climate and countryside which are ideal for tootling in the TF! The T Car Club has added an extra dimension to this enjoyment as they are a great bunch of truly friendly and helpful people.
Car Model:
T Car Mark V.
Car Built By:
Mr Hart.
Year Registered:
1996, we are the third owner.
Colour:  White.
Chassis: Alternate Cars.
Running Gear: Vauxhall Viva.
Engine: Nissan Z20 (2 litre).
Transmission: Manual 5-speed.
Special Modifications: None.
How Can I Help:
I can share my experiences of our TF, and although I am not greatly mechanical I generally have a reasonable grasp of the basics. For example, I am currently challenged by the hardness of the rear suspension and have worked out how to sort that, with the assistance of other members. Otherwise, I can tell you how wonderful it is to own a T Car and what a great bunch of people are in the T Car Club!
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Stephen Williams Car