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Nelson Lattimer
Member Name(s):
Nelson & Judy Lattimer
Member Since:
2005 ??
Member Comment:
First saw the T Car featured in a magazine, so I contacted the club and was invited to a club outing which I followed in a tin top. I then tried to buy a second hand T Car but nothing suitable came up, so it was sometime later that I took the plunge and bought from Alternative cars Ltd the last TG Mark V kit offered for sale before they switched production to the MK V1 version.
Car Model:
TG Mark V
Car Built By:
Year Registered:
Yellow and black
Chassis:  Alternative cars
Running Gear:  HC Viva
Engine:  1600 Mazda MX 5
Transmission:  4sp Automatic
Special Modifications: Modified rear suspension, fuel filler fitted to the side of the fuel tank instead off on top, 75mm added height to rear of body tub, glass side screens [wind deflectors] the angle is adjusted by electric motors.
How Can I Help:
With the modifications to the rear suspension on the Alternative cars Ltd, chassis.
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