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Dennis Rowe
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Dennis and Jennie Rowe.
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I have been asked to provide a brief background piece of myself, my family and the how and why of my involvement with kit cars and the T-car Club.

I am a born and bred Wellingtonian though have lived in Hamilton, Auckland and for a brief period, London. My schooling was via Wellington College and then Victoria University where I studied Commerce and Accounting.

In 1964 two major things happened, Firstly I married Jennie and secondly I joined Burroughs Corporation in a selling role. After the birth of our first son and the completion of the ‘decimal currency’ conversion, I became involved with ‘mainframe' computers. These became my professional life, together with communication services, for the next 35 years until retirement in 1998.

During this period we had three more children and now have three grandchildren as well; most unfortunately living in Australia.

In 1998 we spent the year in London and it was there that I was introduced to kit cars and in particular the ’Suffolk Sportscar’. An exact replica of an SS100 and built with all jaguar parts. However it was beyond my price range, as to buy a kit and ship it to NZ it was going to cost around $100k. NZ$ was buying UK27p at the time.

Fortunately on our return to NZ I found ‘Alternative Cars’ and was able to purchase the Swallow kit. The build started in late 1999 and with ongoing help from members of the Constructors Car Club, was completed in late 2006.

I have been a member of the T-car Club from 2004/5 and look forward to my role as President. Other than the clubs, my interests include tramping and trout fishing and with Jennie, travelling and ‘Bridge’.
Car Model:
Car Built By:
Dennis Rowe.
Year Registered:
Colour: Red.
Chassis: Alternate cars.
Running Gear: Modified Holden LH Torana.
Engine: Nissan L2.8 fuel injected, 6 cylinder.
Transmission: Nissan 5 speed gear box with modified driveshaft to connect to a Holden differential.
Special Modifications:None.
How Can I Help:
Please contact me regarding any club matters, or building Swallows.
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   Dennis and Jennie   Dennis's Car