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Alan Ford, Life Member
Member Name(s):
Alan Ford and Joan Baird.
Member Since:
Member Comment:
My name is Alan Ford and I am a founder member and life member of the club. In the past I have held the post of President.

I started my working life in the UK at an engineering foundry at Compton in Berkshire. I then moved down the road to the Government Animal Research Station in the same village, here working with the scientists on their projects. One project involved radioactive fallout, which led me on to working at the Harwell Atomic Energy Establishment, Later I changed direction into offset printing and working for Reed Elsevior as an engineer on printing presses.

In 1974 I emigrated to NZ and working for the NZ Herald offset division and later for Miller Sampson printer’s engineers as a service engineer.

I become involved with the T Car Club becuase my daughter desired a sports car and, being newly employed, could not afford a factory produced model. She had done the rounds of kit cars and liked the look of the TF produced by Kit Kars Ltd, later to become Alternative Cars Ltd. We had a test drive and then purchased the base kit in 1987. We then purchased components when we could afford them. Within six months the car was completed, and after three years of use she sold it back to our family and I became the owner in 2001.

In 2008 I sold the car to Wally Maurice.
Car Model:
T Car Mark II.
Car Built By:
Year Registered:
Colour: Blue.
Chassis: Triumph Herald.
Running Gear: Triumph Herald.
Engine: Nissan 1.5 litre.
Transmission: Manual 5-speed.
Special Modifications: The car started off as a basic Herald chassis and running gear with a 1200 Nissan Motor. The first change was to fit a higher ratio differential. The next major swap was to install a 1500 motor and 5 speed gear box. All this was made possible via club newsletters, tips from other members, plus the manufacturers help with parts.  
How Can I Help:
Please contact me for any advice and guidance on building/owning a T Car.
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