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Club History
A meeting was held in Russell’s garage on 26th April 1989 in Acorn Street with those interested in forming a club. From those that attended the first committee was selected, and that consisted of:  
  • Big wheel - Ivan Sissans
  • The Bean Counter - Ann Ford
  • Script - Dick Bolton
  • The Gopher - Richard Cook
  • Entertainment - Shane Dwyer
  • The Court Jester - Ralph Williams. (Ralph became known as the man of many Dash’s as each time he turned up to a meeting he seemed to have a new one)
Up to this point information on T cars was produced by Warwick Tweedy, in a publication called the Kit Cars courier.The first financial injection into the club was from Kit Cars Limited.  The original aims of the club were:
  • Promote interest, knowledge and enjoyment in Kit Cars
  • The club was open to all comers, who have built, are building or contemplating building a T car
  • An AGM was to be held in February 1990
  • Newsletters were to be 4 to 6 per annum
  • It was expected that the club would organise tours of T car builders, tours of specials, tours of special interests, rallies and social outings
One of the aims of the club was to take in a very wide range of people in many ways, and they were aged from 17 to 71 (has extended a bit further now), with professions such as surgeons, plumbers, wharfies, sales people, builders, airline engineers and hostesses, dentists and doctors and many other occupations.The first AGM was held in Taupo from 16th to 18th February 1990, and from that year forward AGMs have been held as follows:
  • 1991, 8th - 10th February, Taupo
  • 1992, 28th - 29th February,Rotorua
  • 1993, 13th - 19th January, Picton
  • 1994, 26th - 27th February, Whakatane
  • 1995, 24th - 26th February, New Plymouth
  • 1996, 24th - 25th February, Paraparaumu
  • 1997, 6th - 9th February, Auckland
  • 1998, 5th - 8th February, Tauranga
  • 1999, 25th March - 10th April, South Island Tour
  • 2000, 11th - 17th February, Far North Tour
  • 2001, 2nd - 6th April, Napier
  • 2002, 1st - 4th February, Palmerston North
  • 2003, 2nd - 10th February, Cambridge
  • 2004, 5th - 8th February, Auckland
  • 2005, 6th - 12th February, Christchurch
  • 2006, 3rd - 6th February, Wairarapa
  • 2007, 2nd - 6th February, Rotorua
  • 2008, 21st - 25th January, Manawatu
  • 2009, 5th - 8th February, Northland
  • 2010, 5th - 7th February, Tauranga
  • 2011, 17th - 19th February, Nelson
  • 2012, 9th - 12th February, Hawera
  • 2013, February, Napier
  • 2014, 6th - 8th February, Northland
  • 2015, 12th - 15th February, Whakatane
  • 2016, 11th - 14th February, Levin
  • 2017, 16th-19th February, Gisborne
  • 2018, 8th-11th February, Coromandel
  • 2019, 18th-22nd February, Akaroa


At the 1996 AGM there was a name change from AGM to Annual Rally this was done in an attempt to encourage more participation at the annual event.  It was decided after a suggestion from the floor at the 2000 annual rally that the dates for annual rallies in future would be around Waitangi day each year, giving from time to time an extended holiday. One of the more interesting events that is well patronised is the mid year Christmas function, held mainly in the Taupo region and often hosted by Graeme and Colleen Bell.  Sometimes Santa takes a break from his long siesta to visit the members and hand out gifts. In the Auckland region we have strived to have an outing each month, these sometimes have been well attended and others the committee had a fun day out.  The lower half of the North Island members in the past 3 years have endeavoured to have bi-monthly outings.Clubs presidents are:
  • 1989 - 1991, Ivan Sissons
  • 1991 - 1993, Peter Kennedy
  • 1993 - 2001, Alan Ford
  • 2001 - 2003, John Gould
  • 2003 - 2008, John Campbell
  • 2008 - 2009, Kent Garnons-Williams
  • 2009 - 2011, Les Howard
  • 2011 - 2015, Dennis Rowe
  • 2015 - 2017, Stephen Williams
  • 2017 - Ted Bretherton


On the committee over the period of time, we have had two representatives from the South Island, three representatives from the lower North Island and one from the Waikato, and the remainder of the committee were from the Auckland region.The club in its original form was basically for T cars, but this was expanded in 1991 to include SS Jags, the new venture for Kit Cars Limited, and other like-minded design cars.  To this end we registered our first NG in June of 1991.  Since that date we have several SS100’s from the Russell factor, and another NG, an Almac and a Naylor.Since the formation of the club we have presented the cars in at least 2 or 3 car shows per year ranging from Concourse D’Elegance to Lions Club and National Car shows. An optional extra for those who have to take a lot of clothes or other things, is a trailer that has been designed with a similar shape to the back end of a T car.Club membership rose to 150 members at one stage but now seems to be maintained around the 120 mark.  As cars change hands, members come and go.In 2002 the club donated one of the first models of T cars built to the Southwards Museum at Paraparaumu, and it is still currently on show.The principle aim of the Club over the years is to promote interest, knowledge and enjoyment of Kit cars. This has been achieved and maintained with the emphasis shifting to comradeship and social gatherings of builders and purchasers of component cars.